January 23, 2017
Marking the Route to Sustainable Health Care
The first step was creating a roadmap for a more sustainable health care system. Now, it’s time to make that map digital.

What if we approached health care with the goal of not just helping people live longer, but live better?

The Roadmap for Sustainable Healthcare website aims to do just that, bringing high-level discussions on making health systems sustainable to a global, digital community. 

Back in 2014, a group of European Union physicians, policy makers, scientists, academics, and industry professionals were brought together by AbbVie to form the European Steering Group (ESG) with the goal of making sustainable health care viable. “With an aging population, rise in chronic diseases and increasing pressures on public spending, Europe’s health care systems are under more pressure than ever to deliver higher quality care for their populations,” says Tony Sampson, director, international governmental affairs, AbbVie. “ESG helped develop practical solutions to the many challenges faced by governments in driving more efficient and higher quality care.” 

More than 30 pilots are currently being rolled out in Europe to test these potential solutions, but the group needed a way to communicate these learnings and engage essential stakeholders.

“We set out to create a unique website that would promote a new paradigm for health care, in which human well-being and economic policies are considered simultaneously to meet the coming challenges facing health care systems,” says Fiona Olivier, Western Europe and Canada public affairs director, AbbVie. “It not only proposes concrete solutions, but encourages debate and reflection from anyone engaging with the information presented on the site.”  

With comprehensive information divided into five key areas – chronic disease, digital health, financial sustainability, health care delivery and prevention – the site hopes to be a travel log of where sustainable health care efforts have been and a GPS for where they could be heading. 

“Together with the ESG, our objective is to advocate, through concrete actions and projects, the means to transform our health care systems to be more sustainable,” Olivier says. “The website is just one of these concrete actions – but we hope it will be the catalyst for many more projects that can help Europeans live longer and more productive lives.”

To learn more, visit the new Roadmap for Sustainable Healthcare website

Or, learn more about pilot programs for sustainable health care. 

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