Oct 09, 2017
Media Statement

AbbVie Statement on Hurricane Impact

(updated 10/9/2017)

Our facilities in Puerto Rico are running on independent power generation units and are intact and operational, with teams working diligently to re-establish normal operations. AbbVie’s manufacturing network is designed to provide multiple and redundant channels of product supply and we have managed our inventory to assure availability of medicines to patients. No patient impact or product shortage is expected at this time as a result of Hurricane Maria.
AbbVie has confirmed the safety of our more than 1,200 colleagues in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. The well-being of our employees and their families in Puerto Rico is a primary concern for AbbVie and we have and will continue to provide assistance where needed. 
AbbVie and the AbbVie Foundation have committed more than $4 million to hurricane disaster relief as well as earthquake relief in Mexico and are working with our partners to evaluate the need for additional support.  In addition, the AbbVie Foundation has matched employee contributions of more than $400,000 to organizations in support of relief efforts. We are working with our nonprofit partners throughout the affected regions on a multitude of relief activities, including patient access to our medicines.  
For assistance receiving AbbVie medicines, patients can call 800.633.9110.
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