January 15, 2020

Supporting Relief Efforts: Australian Bushfires

In response to ongoing needs, AbbVie Foundation commits $150,000 USD for nonprofit partners.
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Since late 2019, Australia has battled numerous devastating bushfires. Millions of acres across the eastern and southern coasts have burned so far. Some ecologists estimate that more than a billion animals have been killed, threatening the futures of entire species and ecosystems. Thousands of homes have been damaged, millions of people have been displaced, and several deaths have been attributed to the bushfires. While battling the bushfires is an enormous challenge, the recovery will be just as difficult.
In response to the widespread devastation, the AbbVie Foundation worked with its long-standing disaster relief partners to evaluate immediate needs. To support ongoing recovery efforts, AbbVie Foundation is donating a total of $150,000 USD to Direct Relief and the Australian Red Cross through the American Red Cross:
  • Red Cross: Supporting immediate relief efforts and helping provide emergency supplies including food, water and shelter at evacuation and relief centers.
  • Direct Relief: Providing resources to first responders including masks, inhalers, and providing necessary medical equipment to address health issues caused by smoke inhalation.
“Thanks to AbbVie’s quick response, the Red Cross is able to provide food, water and emotional support to the people affected by the Australian bushfires as they evacuate and work to rebuild their lives,” said Elizabeth Penniman, Vice President, American Red Cross.

The AbbVie Foundation also matches employee donations made to relief organizations, including those listed above.

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