February 22, 2019

Environmental Sustainability at AbbVie

Spotlight on Campoverde, Italy
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As AbbVie, we are focused on driving consistent and sustainable improvements in reducing our environmental impact around the world through our business and supply chain. A key part of that effort includes our aggressive goals to reduce our hazardous and non-hazardous waste by 20%, and to improve our recycling rate to 50%. Everyone at AbbVie is responsible for making it happen, including our manufacturing sites, research locations, commercial affiliates and our headquarters.  
There’s no better location across AbbVie that is helping us achieve these goals than our manufacturing facility in Campoverde, Italy.
Campoverde has the highest recycling rate of any of the AbbVie manufacturing sites globally, and the team’s success over the years has been recognized by the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS), which recognized AbbVie for its continuous improvement for environmental performance, regulatory compliance, and efforts to communicate effectively the reduction of our environmental impact. Campoverde first achieved the EMAS registration in 2008, and it was renewed in 2017. In addition, the site has achieved ISO14001 and ISO 50001 certificates for environmental management and energy management, respectively.
Campoverde has consistently improved their recycling rates, and the site achieved 84% in 2018. A majority of the recycling is from solvents that are used in the active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturing process. Recycling and reuse of solvents is beneficial to AbbVie because it reduces the amount of hazardous waste that would otherwise need to be sent offsite for disposal by incineration. Additionally, it reduces the amount of fresh solvent that we need to purchase, lowering our manufacturing footprint. Lastly, the solvent is recycled onsite, minimizing the solvent transportation footprint.
AbbVie has set aggressive sustainability goals for 2025 and 2035. With high performing sites like Campoverde, we are well on the way to achieving them, which will make a big difference in the lives of patients and the communities in which we operate around the world.


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