March 22, 2017

Eyeforpharma Awards AbbVie with 2017 “Most Valuable Patient Initiative" and “Most Valuable Pharma Collaboration”

Led by AbbVie Israel, more than 300 health care stakeholders across the country collaborated to build the awarded project, YouTube’s “Doctor’s Channel.”
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AbbVie’s 2017 eyeforpharma awardsAbbVie’s 2017 eyeforpharma awards

The internet can be the “Wild West” when it comes to nailing down accurate, reliable information on medical conditions and disease states – and yet the internet is where the majority of people turn first.

Sensing the need for a reliable, reputable information resource and, importantly, the need to end “disinformation” that could be bad for those looking for real medical answers, AbbVie Israel initiated and led the four-year project of putting together the “Doctor’s Channel” on YouTube.

The effort paid off recently, when the “Doctor’s Channel” was commended as 2017’s “Most Valuable Patient Initiative" at the eyeforpharma awards ceremony in Barcelona, Spain, on March 16. The project also won first prize for being the “Most Valuable Pharma Collaboration.”

More than 300 external stakeholders (including more than 130 medical specialists and top-tier physicians) collaborated to build the “Doctor’s Channel,” which now includes more than 250 videos on 114 different disease states.

The channel is the first social media project to be formally approved by the Ministry of Health in Israel. Thus far, there have been more than 516,000 views to videos in the channel, which regularly scores highly in Google search results.

The eyeforpharma awards celebrate positive progress toward creating value for patients and driving pharma forward. By shining a light on those initiatives, they aim to inspire others into similar action, leading to better outcomes and longer-term success.

“The online information glut on medical issues can be overwhelming, contradictory and even incomprehensible,” said Fiona Olivier, public affairs director, Western Europe & Canada, AbbVie. “Patients and their loved ones needed professionally vetted information available for free – it’s gratifying that hundreds of thousands of people have already obtained objective, truthful information that probably went a long way toward making their doctor’s appoint more fruitful.”

AbbVie Israel was also a finalist in the category “Most Valuable Pharma Collaboration” with its entry “Design Innovative Solutions for Patients” in neuroscience. The "Doctors Channel" also won for "Best Social Media Platform" at the European Digital Awards at the end of last year.

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