June 1, 2022

AbbVie Launches New Data Sharing Platform to Connect Real-World Health Data to Clinical Research

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The digital health revolution has led to a massive increase in the amount of data available, opening new frontiers in science and medicine. AbbVie is leading one of the largest data initiatives in the industry, called Convergence, to bring health data from many different sources together to ultimately discover and develop new medicines for patients faster. 
As part of this initiative, AbbVie recently launched the AbbVie Research Collaborative, a health data platform that enables adults anywhere in the United States to partner with AbbVie’s world-class scientific researchers. Participants in the Collaborative share their real-world health data including medical records, genomic data, lifestyle and fitness data to help to tell a more complete picture of their health. Real-world health data empowers researchers to find health and disease patterns they may not see within a clinical trial.
The platform will also offer individuals opportunities to participate in interventional research, uniquely tailored to their health conditions.
"As a long-time clinical researcher, I have first-hand experience seeing how difficult it can be for patients to be a part of a clinical study,” said Kyle Holen, M.D., vice president and therapeutic area head of specialty development at AbbVie. Through this platform, patients have the opportunity to join a unique research collaborative – helping to find better therapies for others like them. And for AbbVie researchers, our mission is to improve patients’ lives through data-driven insights that ultimately lead to better, more personalized therapies for the patients we serve."
Participants in the AbbVie Research Collaborative gain access to an integrated visual timeline of their health that they can share with their physicians and use to make more informed medical decisions. The first cohort has launched and is now open for participants living with migraine disorder. Millions of people suffer with the debilitating condition of migraine – significantly impacting their daily lives.  


Learn more about the AbbVie Research Collaborative. 


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