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Jochen Salfeld

AbbVie R&D has focused on developing biologics. In particular, antibody therapeutics have been proven to be clinically effective for disease areas such as oncology and immunology.

Two Scientist in Lab

Two AbbVie scientists discuss finalizing details of an in vitro assay before conducting the study.

Scientist with Microscope

AbbVie scientist looks at experimental results through a microscope.

Scientist with Pipette

A pipette is a common tool used in science to transport a measured volume of liquid.

Scientists using Cryopreservation

Scientists use cryopreservation to preserve tissues at liquid nitrogen temperatures for long periods of time without damage. Liquid nitrogen has a boiling point of -196C.

Facility Operator

In our Lake County, IL facility, an operator inspects the fill level label on the Humira syringe.