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I helped my 10-year-old-daughter cook Thanksgiving dinner for about 25 friends last year; this year we expect to feed around 40!

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I enjoy cooking paella for friends (probably the best east of the Mississippi!)

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I enjoy the outdoors and adrenaline seeking activities. I used to ride motorcycles and paraglide. Currently, I ski, windsurf and kitesurf.

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I’m a Spaniard, born in France, and I have lived in four different countries and four different states in the U.S. We visit Spain every summer and enjoy the weather, the food, the culture of different regions in Spain.


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Deziyr Tyler and her team are developing an avatar who can offer emotional and practical support for cancer patients.


High school senior Ricardo Russell was inspired to pursue a career in health care by his mother, a nurse. “She’s always taking care of people,” he said.


Daziyr Tyler hopes to eventually do something with computer science for the FBI, but her current passion is helping her team design an app for cancer patients. “I want to see how technology can change someone’s life,” she says. “You could have a program that maybe gives you possible symptoms or outcomes… or doctors could use technology to communicate with other doctors who aren’t able to meet in person.”


When asked about their hopes for the day, students spoke of gaining more understanding of what it truly meant to work in biotech. “We want to develop more ideas of how to make what we want to make happen, happen,” one said.

Students_in _lab_3

Women make up only 29 percent of the science and engineering workforce, and minority women comprise fewer than one in 10 employed scientists and engineers. Exposure to mentors and role models can make a tremendous impact on these numbers. (Source:

Students_in _lab_2

While some of the students were already planning on pursuing STEM careers, others came in undecided. “(The program) was just something they offered to us and we took it,” said one sophomore. “But I’m really liking it here. It’s a different atmosphere than what we’re used to.”

Students_in _lab

The students chose to participate in one of three tours of AbbVie facilities. In one lab, the teens were asked to “act out” different molecules.


During morning breakout sessions, teams met to discuss their plans for the AbbVie Foundation Challenge. This spring, the teams will present their research, analysis and solutions to fellow students, teachers, AbbVie researchers and the community at large. 


Students sat down with researchers to get a hands-on demo of the daily activities happening in the development sciences – new chemical entities lab. “It’s more in-depth learning of certain subjects that we only get to preview a bit in science classes,” one student explained. “You’re always wondering, am I just learning this for no reason? So it’s cool to see it in action.”


As part of the AbbVie Foundation Challenge, sophomore Elibeth Diaz (left) and her team ponder how to improve the lives of patients with cancer, particularly those in low-income communities. “I hope that we can help patients feel better, and make memories before they go through a hard time,” she says. 


North Chicago students experience both the virtual and actual reality of health care.

Richard A. Gonzalez

Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

AbbVie US Headquarters - Angle 3

High Resolution photo of the AbbVie US Headquarters.   

AbbVie US Headquarters - Angle 2

High Resolution photo of the AbbVie US Headquarters.   

AbbVie US Headquarters

High Resolution photo of the AbbVie US Headquarters.   

AbbVie Corporate Headquarters - Angle 2

High Resolution photo of the AbbVie Corporate Headquarters.   

AbbVie Corporate Headquarters

High Resolution photo of the AbbVie Corporate Headquarters.