Rebuilding After Irma and the Mexico Earthquake

As recovery efforts begin, AbbVie Foundation supports those affected by natural disasters with more than 1million in grants.

Why We Give

During the Employee Giving Campaign, we’re helping our people do what comes naturally: give back to the nonprofits they love.

Alzheimer’s Disease: How Identifying Biomarkers May Help Researchers Pioneer New Treatments

Hope and expectation have never met more frequently with disappointment in clinical trial research than for Alzheimer’s disease. Zeroing in on the hallmarks of the disease may help researchers discover new ways to treat it.

Science Rocks! Gut Instincts that Help Us Understand Our Health

The ecosystems within each of us, called the microbiome, may one day paint a picture of our own health.

Combing Through the Tangles of Alzheimer’s

Researchers are honing in on the tau protein as a likely culprit in the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

Help After Hurricane Harvey

In the wake of a catastrophic storm, AbbVie Foundation works with nonprofit partners to bring relief.

Discovering the True Nature of Tau to Untangle Alzheimer’s

Tau spreading causes Alzheimer’s symptom development. New science to find and target the toxic form of tau may lead to treatment breakthroughs

Fear Factor: How Avoiding the Unknown Harms Health

They say what you don’t know can’t hurt you, but when it comes to your health, it can. See why facing your fears could save your life.

Science Rocks! Tau: One Protein to Rule Them All

A protein gone awry, multiplying through the brain’s information superhighway, may help unlock the secrets of treating neurodegenerative diseases.

A Day in the Life of an HIV SWAT Team

Community health workers are hitting the streets – literally – to combat HIV/AIDS in Kenya.