Navigating ulcerative colitis as a child

A diagnosis at 13 years old, Marisa Troy’s life and her aspirations were greatly impacted by her IBD.

Resilience, responsibility, rising up

Employees around the globe share the pride, challenges and powerful opportunity of being a Black business professional.

Listen with curiosity. Lead with compassion.

AbbVie’s Chief Equity Officer, Rae Livingston, reflects on leading with an open heart and mind.

Caring for people living with cancer during a pandemic

AbbVie leaders leverage learnings from AIDS and SARS outbreaks to ensure continuity of care.

AbbVie Named to Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for Eighth Year in a Row

The company ranked second in the biotech industry.

More than itchy skin: Breaking down the complexities of atopic dermatitis

Science is working to uncover the roots of this serious inflammatory disease.

Relief and Recovery Efforts: Puerto Rico Earthquakes

The AbbVie Foundation provides $200,000 for disaster recovery to International Medical Corps and Feeding America.

Supporting Relief Efforts: Australian Bushfires

In response to ongoing needs, AbbVie Foundation commits $150,000 USD for nonprofit partners.

Celebrating AbbVie’s 2019 Working Mother of the Year

Up close and personal with mom extraordinaire Shannon McGinnis.

Scientists Rock! 20,000 leagues under the sea

Take a voyage beyond the ocean blue with discovery scientist, adventure seeker and marine-life enthusiast Keith Glaser.